What is Ceragem?

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 7, 2020

Do you have a chronic back pain? Do you feel pain in your neck? Do you have a headache? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you get sick easily? Do you have a bad posture? If you answered yes to any of them, try a Ceragem. You will feel amazed at the result. Ceragem is 510K approved by FDA for pain and stress relief and sold more than 2,000,000 in over 74 countries. Ceragem is a far infrared ray medical device that does acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and chiropractic practice simultaneously. Far-infrared ray (FIR) is used widely in alternative treatments to raise the core body temperature, fight inflammation and expedite blood circulation. A research shows that our immune system is boosted by five times when our core body temperature goes up by 2 degrees. It is also used in various medical devices including an incubator. When Ceragem shoots far infrared ray into acupuncture points, far infrared ray penetrates body up to five inches, vibrates and stimulates cells. It stimulates circulation through the acupuncture points and induces a smoother flow of blood. It is claimed that the moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems like “deficient conditions” (weakness). By lifting up the spine, Ceragem stretches and widens disk space little by little. A continuous use will relieve the back and neck pain. It is believed that 80% of our diseases come from the spine- wrong posture, deformed spine and compressed disks. The treatment of spine will help relieve pains in neck, lower back and sciatica. The latest model Ceragem scans one’s spine and customizes the treatment. There are six different intensity levels and 10 programs for full spine treatments as well as manual operation for specific areas. It is as if you have a chiropractor, a massager and an acupuncturist at home always in service for you.

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Ceragem General Features

By admin | Posted OnDecember 25, 2019

Ceragem is a forerunner in thermal massage device by far-infra red ray(FIR). In last fifteen years, three different models have been produced and sold more than 200,000 units in USA, and more than 2,000,000 units all over the world. The company’s branches spread over 74 countries.The latest model is Ceragem V3.  It scans one’s spine and checks weight distribution so everyone gets a customized treatment. There are six different intensity levels and 12 programs for full spine modes, semi-automatic mode and  manual mode for specific areas.  The meditation music helps to enhance the relaxation. Ceragem V3 is a medical device Class II 510K approved by FDA.  I have found people with neck pain, back pain or sciatica get almost immediate relief by using this machine. It’s because it uses all the treatments  simultaneously: chiropractic spinal stretching, acupuncture and thermal massage with far infrared ray. When you lie on the bed, you will feel a roller under you. The roller is made of stone, jade, and it does all the stretching and massage. Before it starts the treatment, the machine will scan your spine since everyone’s spine is different and you will get a customized treatment. Once it knows the shape of your spine, it will analyze your spine shape to find acupressure points.  The roller will move right next to the curve of your spine and it will push up your spine in six different levels and support up to 299 pounds. Your disk space will be expanded like a chiropractor stretches it . You may feel the bones popping up or crack.  When your back hurts, you will go to an acupunturist,  get a massage to loosen up the muscle to improve the circulation, or see the chiropractor to stretch your back to free the pinched nerve. All of them work, and you may think you are getting all those treatments at the same time when you are on a Ceragem Master V3. Ceragem V3 is more than fixing your back, however. It is a medical device approved by FDA and it is based on the eastern medicine of acupressure.  When you think of acupuncture, you think of needles poking here and there, right? Ceragem V3 uses the same acupuncture systems, but it is not using needles. It uses far infrared rays coming from heated jade stones. Far infrared rays has healing power and is 100% safe. Actually the more you are exposed to it, the healthier you will be. It can penetrate up to five inches, so it will work in your blood and cell. It vibrates, turns on your mitochondria and helps your body generate heat so you will feel warmer and warmer. It expands your blood vessels, improves your circulation, detoxifies your body and eventually improves your immune system. Just like you are exercising. The machine offers ten different acupuncture modes. (Show mode pictures in the manual). The red dot  on the chart is the acupuncture point and it’s the same point acupuncturist put the needles. Please go through the mode chart to find the right mode for you. Each mode runs 36 minutes except mode 2. This Ceragem V3 does massage and chiropractic massage simultaneously. That’s why it is so good at relieving the back pain. After the session, you probably feel taller since the posture has been corrected and the spine is all stretched. Long term use of Ceragem V3 will improve your general overall health.  People who have neck pain, lower back pain or sciatica report have reported that they notice the difference  after the treatment. It is as if a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massager treat you simultaneously.

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How to use the 9 ball and 3 ball

By admin | Posted OnDecember 25, 2019

The Ceragem Master V3 comes with two external projectors: one with 3 sphere and the other with 9 spheres. The sphere of projectors is made of Jade. When heated up, the Jade will produce far infrared rays which will improve circulation and reduce your pain levels. You can use only one of them at a time. When you attach spheres to the machine, please make sure that the black flat tip of the cable goes where the crevice of the spheres tip is. They can be put anywhere you have a pain or discomfort. 9 spheres ball can cover big areas such as tummy or chest, and 3 spheres can cover small area such as nose or eyes. If you have a stomachache, you may put the 9 spheres on your tummy: congested chest on your chest, knee for your knee pain, etc. You may put the 3 sphere on your cheek for gum discomfort; on your nose for nasal congestion, on your eyes for tired eyes. Please use lower heat when you put it on your delicate areas such as eyes. You may also sit on top of the 3 spheres as well, so that the infrared ray can penetrate your inside fast through your bottom and provide you with comfort on the hemorrhoids, prostate problems or womb problems. You may put a neck pillow around the 3 spheres to sit more comfortably.

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