Ceragem Master V3

By admin | Posted OnDecember 27, 2019
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• FDA cleared class II medical device / Patented easy sliding design
• Patented spinal scanning technology
• 11 Different massage modes
• Adjustable strength control & multi-dimensional massage
• Up to 149°F Concentrated heat along the spine

The V3 provides an all-in-one method to care for your back and spine. Replacing other devices and the need to visit back specialists.


Do you have a chronic back pain?
Do you feel pain in your neck?
Do you have a headache?
Do you feel tired all the time?
Do you get sick easily?
Do you have a bad posture?

If you answered yes to any of them, try a Ceragem. You will feel amazed at the result. Ceragem is 510K approved by FDA for pain and stress relief and sold more than 2,000,000 in over 74 countries.

Ceragem is a far infrared ray medical device that does acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and chiropractic practice simultaneously. Far-infrared ray (FIR) is used widely in alternative treatments to raise the core body temperature, fight inflammation and expedite blood circulation. A research shows that our immune system is boosted by five times when our core body temperature goes up by 2 degrees. It is also used in various medical devices including an incubator.

When Ceragem shoots far infrared ray into acupuncture points, far infrared ray penetrates body up to five inches, vibrates and stimulates cells. It stimulates circulation through the acupuncture points and induces a smoother flow of blood. It is claimed that the moxibustion is especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems like “deficient conditions” (weakness).

By lifting up the spine, Ceragem stretches and widens disk space little by little. A continuous use will relieve the back and neck pain. It is believed that 80% of our diseases come from the spine- wrong posture, deformed spine and compressed disks. The treatment of spine will help relieve pains in neck, lower back and sciatica.

The latest model Ceragem is equipped with artificial intelligence. It scans one’s spine and customizes the treatment. There are six different intensity levels and 10 programs for full spine treatments as well as manual operation for specific areas. It is as if you have a chiropractor, a massager and an acupuncturist at home always in service for you.