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What is the Ceragem Healing Center?

Our centers located in Buena Park and Irvine, CA are used to help facilitate any back discomfort and pain caused by: poor digestion; lack of sleep; poor blood circulation; low energy; brain fog; diabetes; high blood pressure; poor metabolism; and more, through use of the CERAGEM MASTER V3. We offer 3 packages at 36 minutes, 54 minutes, and 90 minutes. We also offer limited use of the S1 mini mat and M1 mini mat and offer free usage on our HEALAX, a shoulder massager.

Where are your locations?

Call 714-752-6114

Call 949-536-5744

What are your hours of operation?
BUENA PARK (Last call for service is 1 hour before we close.)
Sunday - 12 pm - 5 pm
Monday - 10 am - 6 pm
Tuesday - CLOSED
Wednesday - 10 am  - 6 pm
Thursday - 10 am - 6 pm
Friday - 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm

IRVINE (Last call for service is 30 minutes before we close.)
Sunday - 12 pm - 5 pm
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday - 11 am -  6 pm
Wednesday  - 11 am -  6 pm
Thursday - 11 am -  6 pm
Friday - 11 am -  6 pm
Saturday - 11 am -  6 pm

How do I make an appointment for service?
We are WALK-IN only for service. We do not take appointments.


What forms of payment do you accept in-person?
We take cash, credit/debit (Vista, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay and Flexible Spending). 

 What is the CERAGEM MASTER V3?

The MASTER V3 is a machine that is able to scan your back to measure spinal cord length and s-curvature depth. With these measurements, they are able to detect where your acupuncture points are depending a program that we use for your health/back and apply this pressure accurately for 90 seconds. The MASTER V3 is able to send (FIR) far infrared ray into your body at a penetration rate of 5 inches. This reaches 5 inches into your body to help increase your blood flow circulation and to reduce any stiffness and inflammation. Increased blood flow circulation increases the sweat output during thermal stress which leads to cooler skin and core temperature and decreases the blood flow of our skin for body temperature regulation. A poor blood flow circulation often leads to blocked arteries which is typically the reason why cramping in legs and arms occur; enough blockages will prevent feeling from toes and feet which in turn can lead to arterial ulcers on the feet and ankles or loss of color. There is much more to poor circulation of which we all recommend that you read up on. 
The MASTER V3 and all Ceragem products including the S1 mini mat and M1 full length mat and the HEALAX shoulder massager all contain jade stones to help facilitate the benefits from hot stone therapy.

What is the M1 mini mat? What is the S1 large mat?

These mats emit FIR (far infrared rays), a heating element that the CERAGEM MASTER V3 also emits. This energy wave is able to penetrate the body 5 inches directly to help improve blood flow circulation and reduce stiffness and inflammation. The usage of FIR is designed to help open up your heart arteries to include an even body flow internally and on your skin and helps reduce body aches from physical and internal distress. The S1 mini mat is inches long, inches wide, and inches deep. The S1 large mat is inches long, inches wide, and inches deep. We offer limited use of the M1 mini mats throughout the MASTER V3s in our healing center.

What is the HEALAX?

The HEALAX is a shoulder massage designed to help reduce lactic acid buildup in tight muscles and to provide a therapeutic feeling to aching shoulders. The HEALAX has 3 speed frequencies, runs for 25 minutes before stopping on its own, and reverses it's pattern every minute. FIR (far infrared ray) heat function is optional on the HEALAX. Feel free to try it on your shoulders, other parts of your back, your arm, or your leg! We absolutely do not recommend laying on it with your body weight and running it for more 50 minutes without a break to allow the battery to cool.

 What is the minimum age and/or minimum height and weight to use Ceragem Master V3?

There is no age limit, but the height should be over 4' 4" taller, so that the machine can scan the back.

The machine supports up to 299 Lbs.

What packages do you have?

36 MINUTE - Spinal acupressure massage (36 min)

54 MINUTE - Spinal acupressure massage (36 min) + 1 located back area stretch (18 min)

90 MINUTE - Spinal acupressure massage (36 min) + 2 located back area stretch (18/18 min) + 1 full back stretch (18 min)


QTY 5 FOR $45 (save $1 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $80 (save $2 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $140 (save $3 per visit)

QTY 5 FOR $60 (save $3 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $100 (save $5 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $160 (save $7 per visit)


QTY 5 FOR $85 (save $3 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $150 (save $5 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $260 (save $7 per visit)

Do you have Groupons, vouchers, coupons, deals?

We do have a groupon available here.

We also sometimes have coupons floating in The Korea Times and SpaFinder.

We do also have bundle package deals! See below:

QTY 5 FOR $45 (save $1 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $80 (save $2 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $140 (save $3 per visit)

QTY 5 FOR $60 (save $3 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $100 (save $5 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $160 (save $7 per visit)


QTY 5 FOR $85 (save $3 per visit)
QTY 10 FOR $150 (save $5 per visit)
QTY 20 FOR $260 (save $7 per visit)


Are there any risks to using the CERAGEM MASTER V3?

A chiropractor might say that your body will feel sore after an adjustment as your body is trying to get used to the stretch and longevity of your spine and the corrects done. While the CERAGEM MASTER V3 does not make any direct adjustments, the jade rolling under your back and the stretch technique enabled in the CERAGEM MASTER V3 may stretch out your back as well and cause some stiffness as a result. This discomfort usually leaves a body within 1-12 hours provided they are not adding extra weight or discomforting techniques to their back after their session on the CERAGEM MASTER V3. We do suggest heavily for those with thin heart arteries to take caution of using the CERAGEM MASTER V3 as the blood flow circulation increase technique can 


Can I purchase the CERAGEM MASTER V3, S1 mini mat, M1 mini mat, and HEALAX directly?


Accepted forms of payment: Vista, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Paypal. 

The shipping and billling addresses of your credit card should be the same.  If they are different, we cannot process your order.

In that case we recommend you to pay by Paypal.

Call 714 752 6114 (Buena Park Center) or 949 536 5744 (Irvine Center) for purchase or any inquiries.


What is the refund policy for the CERAGEM MASTER V3?

All sales are final.

What is the warranty of the CERAGEM MASTER V3?

The warranty is 1 year from the order sales date.

Will my health insurance cover the cost of the CERAGEM MASTER V3?

Insurance does not cover the cost of services at the Ceragem Healing Center but it may cover a partial or full cost of the CERAGEM MASTER V3. It is very dependent on your insurance company. The CERAGEM MASTER V3 is 510k Class II FDA approved medical device . Most programs like PIP (Personal Insurance Protection), Workcom, and Flexible Medical (Flexible Spending Accounts) may end up covering it.

Click here to access the FDA report of the CERAGEM MASTER V3 and provide paperwork and articles that support your particular healing benefits of the CERAGEM MASTER V3 and present them to your Doctor. Have your Doctor draw up a prescription for the CERAGEM MASTER V3 and file a claim with your insurance company with the prescription.

GROUPON: I bought a 2-for-54 or 2-for-90 minute session. Can I bring a friend or come by myself?
You can certainly come with a friend or come by yourself. If you come with a friend, both visits are redeemed in one go. If you come with only yourself, we redeem the groupon voucher and give you a gift card for the same session for a future use.

GROUPON: I purchased a groupon voucher today. May I use the program today?

Yes, you are absolutely able to!

GROUPON: Is there a limit on how many groupons I can purchase?

Yes. You are limited to  1 deal on the Groupon listing and they can be used at any location, Buena Park or Irvine!


GROUPON: I bought a groupon for one location and am wondering if I could use it for another location?

You most certainly can use it any of our two locations: Buena Park or Irvine!