Ceragem M2 – Massage Chair

By admin | Posted OnMay 6, 2023


The CERAGEM M2 massage chair features a spinal scan technology never seen before in conventional thermal massagers! The automatic APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) offers a thermal massage that best accommodates your body. The internal projector scans your body initially from head to pelvis. It measures the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature to suggest the best massage for you.

Oriental medicine believes that there are quite a few pressure points along the spine that are connected to every part of the body. By pressuring the points, Ceragem will stimulate the body parts.  Running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates points along the spine that vary from person to person, specifically the pressure points in the muscles on the sides of each vertebra. This revolutionary feature helps ensure greater comfort and efficacy during the massage.

The warranty is 3 year and after 3 year you will be responsible for parts and labor.
It comes partially assembled. You will need a screw driver to assemble it. The job is very light and it takes about 40 minutes.