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We welcome you to our Ceragem center

We are an authorized distributor of Ceragem.  

We rrun two service centers in Buena Park and Irvine, California. 

Ceragem Master V3 is ased on the beliefs of oriental medicine that our body is best treated wholly with balance in mind, the Ceragem uses acupuncture, chiropractic stretching, massage and far infrared ray (FIR) to better the body. 

Ceragem Master V3 scans one’s spine and customizes the treatment.  There are six different intensity levels and 10 programs for full spine treatments as well as manual operation of designated areas.   It is as if a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massager treat you simultaneously.

The history of acupuncture started from the theory that there are 365 points in our body, all of which are related to certain parts in our bodies and organs, all of which can be pressed. The most concentrated of areas of joints are in the spine where there are 96!  An acupuncture doctor feels your body to find acupuncture points and puts a tiny needle to activate certain parts. A Ceragem uses computer chips to read your spine. Based on the length and curvature of your spine, a Ceragem will calculate your acupuncture points. Everybody receives a customized treatment as nobody is like each other.


What’s the deal about far infrared ray?


Far infrared ray (FIR) has another nickname and that is “light of life” because it is produced when stones and the earth are heated up! Ceragem harnesses that power and can be used to fight inflammation to even the most tender and gentlest as needed places. FIR is widely used in alternative treatments.

Any stone can be heated up during the sun but some stones are specific for pain relief and therapeutic care. FIR expands the blood vessels and speeds up your blood circulation 1½ times faster, and is good for reducing pain levels.

People who have neck pain, lower back pain or sciatica report have reported that they notice the difference before and after the treatment right away.


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