Ceragem is effective in correcting posture
Ceragem is effective in treating chronic back pain
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Chiropractic Therapy

There is a reason why you lie on the Ceragem without any pillow. When you lie flat, the Ceragem will push up your back and stretches your spine just as a chiropractor does. There are six different intensity levels you can choose depending on your flexibility... Read More


Acupuncture Healing

The acupuncture is based on the theory that there are 365 points in our body, all of which are related to certain body parts and organs. The most concentrated area of acupuncture points is the spine where there are 96 of them. While an acupuncture doctor...Read More

Far Infrared & Massage

Far Infrared & Massage

Far infrared ray (FIR) has another nickname and that is “light of life” because it is produced when stones and the earth are heated up. Ceragem harnesses that power and can use it to fight inflammation. FIR is widely used in alternative treatments...Read More

We welcome you to our Ceragem center

If you have pain anywhere on your back or if you want to correct your posture, please visit us at one of our three centers and get a deep tissue massage by a machine. From neck to your tail bone, you will get a rolling massage with hot stones, inversion stretching and acupressure by far infrared ray, all of them working at the same time. It’s not a soft or easy session, but the infrared red rays coming out of the hot Jade stone rollers helps you go through it without much pain since the infrared ray makes you feel warm and relaxed. Lots of clients doze off during the session.

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About Us

We believe that our purpose in life is to help each other. Introducing and sharing best alternative treatment products, we live and breathe the holistic life.  We know the products we introduce to you since we use them at home daily.

There are many popular alternative treatments using FIR (far infrared rays) in the holistic world. Ceragem is unique in that it combines FIR with acupressure, massage and stretching your spine.  As well as it helps reduce the pain on your back and improve your overall health, it stretches your spine and helps to correct your posture…Read More

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Buena Park Center

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