Acupressure points are very important in the eastern medicine.  The acupuncture is based on the theory that there are 365 points in our body, all of which are related to certain body parts and organs,  so if you can stimulate the points, you can actually stimulate the organs.

The most concentrated area of acupuncture points is the spine where there are 96 of them. While an acupuncture doctor feels your body to find acupuncture points and puts a tiny needle to activate certain parts, a Ceragem uses computer chips to read your spine.

Based on the length and curvature of your spine, it will calculate your acupuncture points. Everybody receives a customized treatment as nobody is like each other. There are 10 different modes for a full treatments.

Based on the mode you choose from, Ceragem balls will move and stop at each acupuncture point as programmed and shoot far infrared ray (FIR) to the points. It is called Moxibustion. Moxibustion stimulates circulation through the acupuncture points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and qi.  It is claimed that the moxibustion to be especially effective in the treatment of chronic problems like “deficient conditions” (weakness).

The modes are based on your internal problems such as indigestion, insomnia, low energy, slow memory, low metabolism or poor circulation. You may choose one of the modes at a time, since each mode  is programmed to move certain ways and stop at certain acupressure points.   If the ball stops at certain point and does not move long time, you may think that’s your acupressure point and that  it is shooting far infrared rays  to the point.

Ceragem Modes

Each mode is based on eastern medicine acupuncture, and you may choose the modes depending on your needs.
Otherwise, our standard mode is to improve the Blood Circulation.

reload Standard

36 min

A mix of blood circulation & digestive/stability mode

Mode 1

36 min

M3500 (previous Ceragem model) massage mode

Mode 2

18 min

Helps kids to grow, lift and release tension; fast stretch

Mode 3

36 min

Improve poor diagestion, reduce high blood pressure, and relieve pain form diabetes

Mode 4

36 min

Improve poor blood circulation, reduce high blood pressure, and relieve pain form diabetes

Mode 5

36 min

Gives better health to children

Mode 6

36 min

Gives more sexual energy, relieyes muscle fatigue

Mode 7

36 min

GIves better concerntration. improves and betters memory, meant to prevent dementia

Mode 8

36 min

Deals with insomnia, depression, and better rest

Mode 9

36 min

Helps keep the body slim & promotes metabolic system

reload Manual Mode

18 min

Thermal FIR heat pressure to one specified spot

reload Semi-Automatic Mode

18 min

Thermal FIR heat pressure to moving designated area