Ceragem is a medical device Class II 510K approved by FDA for reducing stress and better blood circulation, but we have found people with neck pain, back pain or sciatica get almost immediate relief by using this machine.  It’s because it uses all the  treatments for the problems simultaneously: chiropractic spinal stretching, acupuncture and massage with far infrared ray.

When you lie flat, the Ceragem will push up your back and stretches your spine just as a chiropractor does. It scans one’s spine and customizes the treatment.  There are six different intensity levels and 12 programs for full spine treatments  as well as manual operation for specific areas.

People who have neck pain, lower back pain or sciatica report have reported that they notice the difference before and after the treatment right away. It is as if a chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a massager treat you simultaneously. Various sessions consists of 36 minutes (full spine) and 18 minutes (limited area) treatments. Long term use of Ceragem will improve your general overall health and many chronic diseases may disappear thanks to improved blood circulation and correct posture.


The Ceragem Master V3 features a spinal scan technology never before seen in conventional automatic thermal massagers, and the automatic up-down function of the APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System) to offer a thermal massage that accommodates your body.

SPINE Scanning​

The internal projector, while moving along the body from head to pelvis, measures the length of your spine and the degree of your spinal curvature to suggest a massage that best accommodates your body. Running between the cervical vertebrae and coccygeal vertebrae, the internal projector also stimulates points along the spine that vary from person to person, specifically the pressure points in the muscles on the side of each vertebra.



APMS (Advanced Projector Moving System)

The spinal scan helps analyze the user’s spinal characteristics. Using that inlormation, the automatic up-and-down internal projector automatically adjusts the height/contour of the Automatic Thermal Massager to accommodate the user’s spine. This revolutionary feature helps ensure greater comfort and efficacy during the massage.