You may wonder what is the thing that moves under you. It looks like the 9 balls. It has a sensor so it scans your back for the first 1 ½ minutes. Once it get to know your spine shape, it analyses to find where the acupressure points are.
Please find the 9 balls. The ball in the middle is spine and these are the acupressure points. Since the middle ball is recessed, please be assured that the machine does not touch your bone directly.
Acupressure points are very important in the eastern medicine. Each acupressure point is connected to your organ or body parts, so if you can stimulate the points, you can actually stimulate the organs. There are 96 acupressure points on your back.
Ceragem offers 10 different acupressure modes. The modes are based on your internal problems such as indigestion, insomnia, low energy, slow memory, low metabolism or poor circulation. You may choose one of the modes at a time, since each mode is programmed to move certain ways and stop at certain acupressure points. If the ball stops at certain point and does not move long time, you may think that’s your acupressure point and that it is shooting far infrared rays to the point.
By pressuring it, tapping, massaging, poking a needle or shooting far infrared rays. Acupuncturists poke a needle and this machine Ceragem uses far infrared rays. So this is a nice non-invasive acupuncture/ acupressure machine with far infrared ray, but it’s more than that.
When you touch a warm stone of the 9 balls, enery wave moves from the stone into your body and work inside. It has a healing power, so it is called light of life. You may put this ball anywhere you have a problem. If you have a dry eye, put it on your eye. If you have a pain on your leg, put it there. It’s perfectly safe. The more, the better. You may not feel it, but lots of things are happening now inside your body since far infrared ray vibrates and stimultes your inside.
Since the machine knows the shape of your spine, the balls move right next to your spine along all the curves. It can adjust your spine and cracks your bone if it’s needed. Especially around hipnbone, you may feel lots of adjustment. It also lifts your body up and stretches your disk spaces.
There are six different intensity levels. The higher the level is, it will stretch more with more impacts. You choose whatever comfortable level. If you go to a chiropractor, he does the same thing: adjusting and streching the spine but with force. Ceragem does it very gently since it was meant to be used at home morning and night twice a day. Many people asked me how often they could do it. The answer is twice a day.
You are also getting a deep tissue massage with hot jade stone. The stones are moving right next to your spine and you are pressuring it down with your body weight, so you will get pretty strong massage. You may get sore next few days if you are not used to the massage. However, don’t worry. It will go away and it will help build your core muscle. On your next visit you will feel much more comfortable.
Those who came in with a bad posture said they felt taller when they left store since the posture has been corrected. They looked taller and will be taller if they keep using the machine since it keep streching the back. it’s very effetive in posture correction.
So three things are at work simulaneously: non-invasive acupunpressure, chiropractic adjustment and stretching and massage. When you have a back pain, you do one at a time to relieve the pain. The beauty of this machine is that it does three things at the same. Since it’s doing things at the same time, you save time. All you have to do is to lie here and relax.