How to use Ceragem

By admin | Posted OnJuly 1, 2020

A. How to use Ceragem Auto Mode for the first time (36 minutes last, only mode 2 is 18 minutes)

1. Position your body
Make sure that the head ends match the ends of the bed.
2. Select the intensity level. (1 for the first time or sick)
3. Select a mode. (Recommended mode 4, please refer to the front)
– For mode 3 or higher, press the 3rd mode key.
– Mode change is changed by pressing twice.
– Mode change can be confirmed by changing the top number of the control panel.
– Simultaneously selecting the mode and starting to scan the body
4. Check the temperature. (Recommended temperature of the upper and lower heaters 130)
– Temperature control is controlled by the up and down arrows in the control panel.
5. Select music. (Recommended volume is 8)
– The music selection or volume control is controlled by the up and down arrows in the control panel.

B. How to use partial massage (focus on Ceragem semi-automatic mode) (lasts 18 minutes, neck, belly, waist, etc.)

1. Move the lower warmer to the desired area using the manual key.
-To massage the neck, move it to the third point from the top of the figure on the left side of the throttle. A strength level of 6 is recommended.
– For ships, use intensity level 6.
-In the case of the waist, move from the figure on the left side of the throttle to the second point from the bottom. It is recommended to use a lower level (1 or 2)
2. Press the semi-auto key. At this time, the mode picture at the top of the control panel shows an arrow that moves up and down.

C. Management of eyes, nose, gums, neck or prostate (incontinence)

1. Replace with a small heater. (It is replaced smoothly using flaws.)
2. If possible, protect the contact skin with cotton or tissue.
3. When the temperature of the throttle is over 130 or over 15 minutes, be careful as the marks remain.