How to use the 9 ball and 3 ball

By admin | Posted OnDecember 25, 2019

The Ceragem Master V3 comes with two external projectors: one with 3 sphere and the other with 9 spheres. The sphere of projectors is made of Jade. When heated up, the Jade will produce far infrared rays which will improve circulation and reduce your pain levels.

You can use only one of them at a time. When you attach spheres to the machine, please make sure that the black flat tip of the cable goes where the crevice of the spheres tip is.

They can be put anywhere you have a pain or discomfort. 9 spheres ball can cover big areas such as tummy or chest, and 3 spheres can cover small area such as nose or eyes. If you have a stomachache, you may put the 9 spheres on your tummy: congested chest on your chest, knee for your knee pain, etc. You may put the 3 sphere on your cheek for gum discomfort; on your nose for nasal congestion, on your eyes for tired eyes. Please use lower heat when you put it on your delicate areas such as eyes. You may also sit on top of the 3 spheres as well, so that the infrared ray can penetrate your inside fast through your bottom and provide you with comfort on the hemorrhoids, prostate problems or womb problems. You may put a neck pillow around the 3 spheres to sit more comfortably.