Comprehensive Spinal Care Management

The V4 provides an all-in-one method to soothe and care for your back and spine. Replacing other devices and the need to visit back specialists.

  • Acupressure

    Scanning technology finds your acupressure points and provides an intensive massage

  • Massage

    The spinal scan tailors a massage to each person

  • Stretching

    The spine is stretched and relaxed during the massage

  • Thermal

    Heat is emitted through the surface of the V4

FDA Cleared Medical Claims

  • Temporary Relief of minor muscles & joint pain stiffness
  • Temporary Relief of minor joint pain
  • Temporary Increase in local circulation where applies
  • Relaxation of muscles

Daily Physical & Mental Care

  • To relax & restore
  • To relieve stress
  • To relieve muscle tension
  • To regain energy & vitality

Explore its looks

Patented Spinal Scan Technology

Everyone’s spine is different. CERAGEM’s patented SPINAL SCANNING technology analyzes and recognizes these differences to provide each user a customized massage, tailored to each unique body shape and “spinal line”.

By mapping spinal length, weight distribution, degree of spinal curvature and flexion, the CERAGAM V4 delivers a customized massage for everyone.

Adjustable Strength Control Multi-Dimensional Massage

Heated massage rollers automatically adjust in height to accommodate every user’s unique “spinal line” the degree of curvature and flexion of the user’s spine, weight distribution along the spine, and spinal length.

17 Different massage modes

A multitude of options

1 12 Auto modes
  • A Standard
  • 6 Energy
  • 1 Special
  • 7 Study
  • 2 Relax
  • 8 Rest
  • 3 Stable
  • 9 Body line
  • 4 Circulation
  • 10 Meditation 1
  • 5 Basic health
  • 11 Meditation 2
2 5 Custom Modes
  • Manual mode
  • Manual master mode
  • Intensive mode
  • Semi-auto mode
  • Semi-auto master mode
9-Level Intensity Control
Choose from 9 levels of massage intensity from gentle to robust
149°F Concentrated Heat
The V4’s heated massage rollers apply concentrated heat up to 149°F along the spine which helps promote circulation and relaxation. Additional heating elements within the V4’s main body and auxiliary mat provide a warming effect for your upper body.
Heated Massager
The included heated massager can be placed over the abdomen or other ailing body parts to provide direct heat up to 140° and soothing massage. The heated massager comes with its own remote.
Ceragem Sound
Allow the sounds of nature, classical or functional music to accompany you on a journey of relaxation – made available through CERAGEM sound’s collection of 20 pre-installed audio tracks.
Voice Guidance Function
Real-time narration provides audio operation assistance and milestone notifications during each massage mode journey. The remote control’s backlit LCD and user-friendly icons make the CERAGEM V4 easier to use in all lighting conditions.
Patented Easy Sliding Design
The patented “slide-away” function converts your Ceragem Wellness Thermal Massager @ Home from a full-sized massage bed to a discreet heated ottoman or compact couch. Its sleek and sophisticated design makes it a stylish addition to any room in your home.

Product Details

114.6 LB
Product Size
Folded W27.6″ X D50.4″ X H17.7″ (±0.4″)
Unfolded W27.6″ X D80.3″ X H17.7″ (±0.4″)
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