Ceragem Master V3 Mother’s Day Special Sale – $300 Off Regular Price, Or Free Infrared Mat with the purchase at regular price. May 1, 2023 – May 31, 2023

If you have pain anywhere on your back  or if you want to correct your posture, please visit us at one of our three centers and get a deep tissue massage by a machine.    From neck to your tail bone, you will get a rolling massage with hot stones, inversion stretching and acupressure by far infrared ray, all of them working at the same time.  It’s not a soft or easy session,  but the infrared red rays coming out of the hot Jade stone rollers helps you go through it without much pain since the infrared ray makes you feel warm and relaxed.  Lots of clients doze off during the session.

You may also use the shoulder, hand or foot massagers free in the lobby after the paid session.

For your back massage we use Ceragem massage beds, an automated thermal massage bed approved by FDA as a medical device. 

Ceragem massage beds are made in Korea by Ceragem. Ceragem is the second largest manufacturer of health devices in South Korea and its products are sold all over the world in Asia, Europe and Africa, and we are an authorized distributor of Ceragem.Ceragem infrared automatic massage bed has been in USA market twenty years.  Its latest model, Master V3 really stands out in that it provides you customized treatments with wide arrange of options.  It scans the back, checks the weight distribution and a roller pushes up your back from under for maximum stretching, offering the best stretching and deep tissue rolling massage.  It has 10 automated full spine modes, semi-automatic modes for spot massage and six different intensity levels,

We have been serving clients at three locations in the Orange county and LA county over four years and have witnessed many happy clients.  Our fees are very moderate and you don’t have to worry how much tips you have to leave. If you want to read what others have been talking about us, please check on “Ceragem Healing Center” in Los Angeles, Buena Park and Irvine on YELP and Groupon. 

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