The Anatomy of the Spine

Maintaining Optimal Health through Spinal Alignment 

Throughout the course of our entire lives, it’s imperative that we keep a properly aligned spine in order to maintain a healthy life. Good health is one of life’s greatest blessings and it’s a common interest shared by all people. The greatest wealth is health.

The Spine is the pillar of our body

The spine is the pillar of our body, meaning the brain and the spinal cord together make up the central nervous system which controls all of the functions of our body. Regular and daily management of our spine plays a vital role in the quality of our daily lives.

A Healthy spine is the foundation for a healthy life 

Spinal disorders, lower back pain, shoulder aches, and weak arms can be caused by poor posture, bad habits, exercising incorrectly, and prolonged stress. It’s important to note that spinal disorders and the pain associated with them originates from the spine. Therefore, daily management of your spine plays a crucial role towards maintaining your health.

Spinal Adjustment (Chiropractic)

Chiropractic treatment techniques corrects and realigns the deformities of the spinal region through spinal manipulation therapy. Its founder, Dr. David Palmer called it “a science of healing without drugs”. Deformities of the spinal cord can affect the general health of a person through the nervous system, as the spine and health are related in a fundamental way. Realigning the deformities of the spine corrects the spinal misalignments which is a primary underlying risk factor for many diseases.

chiropractic’s effectiveness

The effectiveness of chiropractic techniques have been evaluated and research results have been published by the joint efforts of the International Chiropractic Association and the Palmer Chiropractic Research Institute. Anemia Insomnia Arthritis Kidney Problems Asthma Liver Problems Lower Back Pain Irregular Menstrual Cycles Hypertension/Hypotension Neuralgia/Neuritis Bronchitis Nausea Shoulder Pain Hypersensitivity Constipation Paralysis Dizziness Pleurisy Emotional Instability Rheumatism Bladder Disorder Hip & Pelvis Disorder General Muscle Tension Sciatica Fatigue Herniated Discs Thyroid Gland Disorders Scoliosis Allergies Stiff Neck Headaches Ulcer Protruded Discs Gastroenteritis Indigestion


Thermotherapy is the use of heat to provide pain relief and health improvements which can be applied in various forms. CERAGEM utilizes the benefits of far infrared heat to apply a deep penetrating heat to relieve muscle and joint stiffness, relieve arthritis pain, and increase blood circulation where applied. The improved blood circulation and the increased blood flow to the affected area provides protein, nutrients, and oxygen which promotes the body to heal itself.


Acupressure therapy uses the same pressure points and meridians as acupuncture, however the points on the body are stimulated with finger pressure instead of the insertion of needles. When these acupressure points are stimulated, the muscles relax, blood flow is increased, and energy (qi) is improved which aids in healing. Acupressure therapy can be used to alleviate headaches, relieve arthritis pain, detoxify the body, improve the immune system, and boost your libido.


Traditional moxibustion therapy uses mugwort (moxa) to warm specific regions of the body in order to expel cold and warm the meridians of the body, which promotes blood circulation and improves the flow of energy (qi). The V3 utilizes the therapy of far infrared heat to provide a deep penetrating heat to the specific meridians of the body to improve blood circulation and energy in the body.

Center of our body

Regardless of how grandiose a house may be, if the pillars of a house are weak, the results are similar to having built your house on a poor foundation, like building your house on top of sand. The pillars of a house determines the strength and agility of the entire structure. Similarly, our spine is the pillar of our body. So if we have any problems with our spine, we’ll begin to experience problems with our bodies, and spinal realignment will be required to fix those problems.


The 31 pairs of spinal nerves stems from the spinal cord and branches out through the vertebrae which connects to our organs, muscles, blood vessels, and ligaments. The spinal cord and the spinal nerves controls all of our senses, voluntary and involuntary movements, posture, body temperature, heart rate, respiratory functions, blood sugar level and basically all of the functions of our bodies. Evidently, maintaining a healthy aligned spine plays a critical role towards prolonging our health. Whenever the spine is misaligned, chronic pain will often be the result and in extreme cases may lead to paralysis. The Master V3 was developed based on the 5 principles of alternative medicine: chiropractic, moxibustion, thermal therapy, acupressure, and massage. This FDA approved medical device applies a topical radiant far infrared heat that’s meant to alleviate pain caused by muscle and joint stiffness, arthritis pain, and increase blood circulation where therapy is applied. As the Master V3 realigns the spine, it’s similar to reinforcing the pillars of a house, eventually restoring your health back to normal. Spinal management is a routine that’s often overlooked, neglected, and ignored, yet millions of people suffer from chronic pain on a daily basis, simply becoming numb and tolerating the pain. Free yourself from the bondage of pain by managing your spine on a daily basis with the one and only CERAGEM Master V3 thermal massage bed.

Blood circulation sustains life.

Blood circulation

Most of our blood is produced in the spine. Therefore, if the spine is crooked or misaligned, then blood can not be properly produced and the spinal nerves that controls the nervous system for circulating blood gets stressed and put under pressure, causing problems in the related organs while hindering the circulation of blood in our bodies.

It’s important to note that even 8-10 mmHg pressure (the weight of a dime) can hinder the functions of the spine and related organs by more than 60%.


Unfortunately, we live in a world where we simply cannot remove all the sources that leads to poor blood circulation. Other factors such as environmental pollution, foods with pesticide residue and additives, processed foods, are among the few reasons for poor blood circulation. All these sources of pollution, with the combination of stress, increases waste and toxins in our blood stream resulting in illnesses or diseases in our bodies. This can be evident in the fact that virtually everyone eventually gets sick. In the practice of western medicine, the cause of our diseases stems from bacteria, viruses, or genetics. In eastern medicine, the source of our diseases stems from toxins in our blood stream along with poor blood circulation. The Master V3 thermal massage bed applies radiant topical far infrared heat to promote and improve blood circulation in areas where therapy is applied.