Bella B.

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 22, 2020
Bella B.
Cerritos, CA

Soooo happy I was able to be part of this perk! I was recovering from the flu and neck/back aches and somehow Yelp read my mind! The 54 massage bed was great. It was warm and the intensity could be adjusted. I chose level 2 but think level 3 would have been good as well. The staff was friendly and informative. After the bed massage we were able to try out the massage chairs. I sat in one chair for a few minutes and was directed to the shiatsu chair for a deeper massage. That chair was magic! It really felt like a real person was massaging my feet at one point! I would love to have that chair in my house! Thank you Yelp for creating such an interesting and relaxing perk for us!