Julie L.

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 23, 2020
Julie L.
Garden Grove, CA

I do not enjoy massages & people touching me but when I read about the infrared rays and rollers helping reduce inflammation, I was hopeful to be chosen & RSVP’d “yes(!)”

A side note: I have Lupus and have been trying to contain my flare since October. It has been three solid months of aches & having to stretch limbs to do simple tasks like brushing my teeth. I am quite willing to try almost anything at this point. Tylenol & Advil don’t work on joint pain.

The stretching sessions helped my aches & tension throughout my body. There were 6 levels to choose from & I wimped out on 2. :

Afterward the rollers, June led me to the room with the chairs & I thanked her for the chance to try all the equipment. I asked her about the machines helping reduce inflammation & how I have Lupus. She looked over at me & led me past the chairs to another room. She said her daughter has Lupus too. In the back room, there were 4 cots with full body length infrared ray pads to lie on. She instructed me to lie down for 30 minutes & put a blanket on me. I got up when I heard her saying “bye” to fellow Yellpers but June told me the longer I lay, the more helpful it would be. I honestly teared up because I felt she truly had my interests at heart.

I walked out feeling better than I ever had in the last 2.5 months. Shoutout to June & YELP for such an amazing experience. I will definitely be back! Xoxo