Rodney S.

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 21, 2020
Rodney S.
Cerritos, CA

Love thy body, love thyself

Lucky Elites started the new year with some much needed TLC. Given designated appointment times, Elites had 54 minute customized sessions at Ceragem Healing Center on the Ceragem Master V3. Incorporating moxibustion, acupressure, massage, chiropractic & thermotherapy via radiant far infrared heat, we each had 3 tailored phases on the Ceragem Master V3, followed by 20-30 minutes in the various massage loungers.

June Lee, the other half of this mom & pop establishment, greeted me upon arrival & gave our group an introductory speech. After filling out paperwork, we were wisked away to our individual machines and happiness ensued.

Phase 1 consisted of full spinal stretching. Everyone was started on the lowest levels of intensity & heat. We were given additional thermal jade rollers to rest on our abdomens, assuming to stimulate digestion/metabolism. After a few minutes, I quickly asked Mr. Lee to bump me up to max intensity & heat, as I have severe scoliosis in my lumbar spine & an anterior curvature of my cervical spine. Now that’s what I’m talking about! The thermal jade rollers slowly travelled up & down my spine, elevating to stretch my spine every so often.

Phase 2 & 3 were up to us. I decided upon neck/shoulders, then lower back. Both also on max intensity & heat. My time on the Ceragem Master V3 ended with more spinal stretching.

To end our treatment, we were taken to the massage loungers for full body massages. The lounger units were also for sale, and with the respective price tag next to each, I naturally claimed the most expensive lounger. After approximately 10 minutes, June asked if I wasn’t receiving enough pressure. She then directed me to the massage lounger across the room. I found the new machine, indeed, rougher, but thought the first machine conducted better foot massage. Still, I got bonus time! Winning!

Gratitude to Hayley & Mr. & Mrs. Lee for a wonderfully therapeutic day. My muscles are loosened up & I’m feeling as limber as a cat. I’m seriously contemplating buying a treatment bundle, as Ceragem Healing Center is both beneficially therapeutic & incredibly affordable.

Shoutout to Ajay, Cat, Jen & Lili.