Sally T.

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 21, 2020
Sally T.
Garden Grove, CA

I have been needing a massage for who knows how long. Reason I’ve been putting it off is because of how busy I’ve been along with the financial investment. Massages can be pretty pricey and if you don’t know if the massage therapist, masseuse, or massage technology is even trustworthy, it’s a steep price to pay.

I was really excited when I saw Ceragem Healing Center featured as a Yelp Elite Perk. The only other time I’ve gotten a massage was at a spot in Westminster and honestly, they left me more in pain after my session than I had been in when I arrived. Luckily, I didn’t have that experience with Ceragem. Their team was very informative about how their machines work and I was impressed by their knowledge of the field.

In preparation of my massage, I made sure to wear thin clothes and silence my cellphone. Nothing worse than getting into zen mode and having your relaxation interrupted by an annoying alarm, ringtone, or notification. I was really surprised to find out this business was Korean-owned and it actually made me more excited because I’ve had pleasant experiences with Korean spas before.

When you first arrive, the owner has you fill out a patient profile form then he explains from a technical and medical level the benefits of infrared ray massages. There were two different massage machines total that I got to try out. One was a massage bed that you take off your shoes for and lay down on for about 45 minutes. It was really nice because there were six different massage intensity levels you could choose from and the bed was heated! One of the employees even came by to offer me a blanket in case I was still cold. This massage bed was pretty delightful until it got to the portion dedicated to your neck and shoulders specifically, which I got pretty lightheaded and honestly felt like vomiting a little bit, LOL. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not used to elevating my neck (I normally sleep with a very flat pillow at night or even without a pillow sometimes) or because I had coffee this morning (my body is very sensitive to caffeine and having a few sips of coffee sometimes makes me want to throw up), but the constant movement around my neck around made me feel uneasy.

The second machine was a massage chair that I sat in for about 15 minutes. For their massage chairs, they also have you take off your shoes. You are given foot cover socks and gloves to wear when using the machine as a sanitation precaution, I’m guessing. I really liked the massage chair because it made me feel like I was encapsulated in a mini space rocket!!!! The massage chair adjusts to your body shape and pulls you in every positive way possible. At one point, I felt like I was elastic and my entire body was being stretched like Laffy Taffy. It was spectacular!

My main feedback is limiting the amount that employees are walking around in the area where massage beds are because it’s relatively loud and distracting. I appreciate them making an effort to make sure we’re comfortable and at the massage strength we want, but it would be better to integrate a quiet “press for assistance” button on every massage bed. That way customers can get help when they actually want it and can relax without distractions. If they could also dim the lighting more, that would help customers trying to nap during their service. Lastly, it would ideal if Ceragem could enforce that all massage clients silence their phones when using services because if one person’s phone goes off, everyone in the business hears it.

Thank you to Ceragem Healing Services for hosting us tonight! I will be returning in the future with my mom because I’m sure she would enjoy an experience here. I will also be making sure I don’t drink caffeine before to see if that has an impact on my next visit.