Silvia G.

By admin | Posted OnJanuary 21, 2020
Silvia G.
Orange County, CA

So thankful to start the year with all these wellness perks! I love massages and definitely needed one after the workout at Yoga Fest this past weekend lol

Ceragem is in a plaza that also has a hair salon and other small shops. There was plenty of parking in the afternoon.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Ms. June Lee who explained the process and answered all the questions the group had. I was very impressed that they even treat cancer among other things.

We the laid in these beds with hot stones that use infrared rays to expand blood vessels to aid circulation. They use heat and pressure on all your acupuncture points, so it’s great for those that want to try acupuncture without the needles.

We started from level 1 and could go all the way to level 6, over 140F. The heat was definitely bearable and the pressure was nice and deep. We could also choose between whole body stretch, neck and shoulders and lower back. I tried the first 2 and definitely enjoyed the whole body stretch better. Felt so good!

Afterwards, we were treated to more massage on some chairs that ranged from $2-7k!

Prices for the sessions are very reasonable! I can see myself popping in for a 20 minute session for $10.

Thank you Ceragem and Yelp OC for introducing us to this technology and helping us relax in the middle of the day!