Jimmy N.
Costa Mesa, CA

Wow! I didn't know what to expect, so naturally I read a few reviews beforehand, but I was still blown away!
The staff explained everything in detail and were very attentive.
Pro tip: use the restroom first or before you get there. You don't want to waste precious time in the bed.
Afterwards you get approx 20 min in a fancy massage chair (complete with info on how much they are if you want to buy it). Total time: 1.5 hours. Relax level: over 9,000. Great way to start the New Year of Yelping! Thanks Hayley & team for coordinating this for us!

Ellen N.
Westminster, CA

Your body is a temple and you should take care of it. Whenever I get the chance, I love trying out new massage places. And this event really helped relax and destress myself.
What I loved was everything ran very efficiently. Once you enter the studio, they have you fill our paperwork and explain the benefits of the ceragem machine and then after that they ushered you into another room to start your 1 hour session on the massage bed.
I loved the massage bed where you're able to adjust the heat and the intensity level. The massage bed uses infrared rays to help enhance blood circulation in the skin, improves blood flow in internal organs, and supports cardiovascular health. Along with that the workers check up on you frequently, probably every 10-15 minutes to make sure that the pressure and the heat are comfortable for you.
I left feeling like jello and I definitely feel like I benefited from the hour. My back is a little bit sore but in a good way.
This is a different way to get a massage and treat pain, and I'm very thankful to be exposed to it. Thank you Yelp OC!

Debbie F.
Santa Monica, CA

Thank you to the Elite OC team for the invite to this wellness event. This was my first experience with the OC crew and it was wonderful. I spend a lot of time in and around the area and it is great to experience these places on a different level.
The Perk at Ceragem was exceptional. I am very active daily between workouts, playing softball or training for a race. My body is pretty much always craving some form of stretching, manipulation and relaxation. When I saw this perk, I knew it was perfect for me. I am a huge fan of far infrared treatments, massages, acupressure and acupuncture. This experience seems to include it all and them some.
From the moment I walked in, I noticed how clean the place was and all the information in the lobby. Within 5 minutes a lady was out to explain what we were going to experience and how the treatments worked, the machine settings and the places we can target during our session. I loved the detail and explanation provided.
Once set on the bed, we started with stretching. This felt great. We were checked on frequently to make sure the settings were comfortable. My next choice was lower back. I ended my session on the bed targeting my neck. All 3 experiences were delightful and relaxing. The intensity at a level 2 was perfect for me!
I didn't realize there was an additional experience in one of the chair massagers. That was wonderful in and of itself. The chair I used had a sign saying it was targeting perfect posture. These chairs are all pricey to own, but wow was it truly relaxing.
It was a perfect experience with an attentive staff. I left feeling good and with a strong understanding of the benefits they offer. I waited a few days to write the review as often times more benefits unfold after a new treatment. I feel great and look forward visiting this place again.


This was a totally unique experience! It was like massage/acupuncture/chiropractic adjustment all in one! The massage chairs are amazing! They cradle you like a baby and massage you into utter bliss which I totally needed! Once I was jelly, it was time for the Ceragem table. It uses a pressure point and hot stone massage method while using your body weight to get into those stiff muscles and tendons. I normally tell my masseuse to use high pressure by hand. Level 2 was just enough for me. The stretch and lower back settings were my favorites. I will be back with a friend who really needs this due to the stress at her work and her birthday is coming up. Mahalo Ceragem for an awesome experience!

Bella B.
Cerritos, CA

Soooo happy I was able to be part of this perk! I was recovering from the flu and neck/back aches and somehow Yelp read my mind! The 54 massage bed was great. It was warm and the intensity could be adjusted. I chose level 2 but think level 3 would have been good as well. The staff was friendly and informative. After the bed massage we were able to try out the massage chairs. I sat in one chair for a few minutes and was directed to the shiatsu chair for a deeper massage. That chair was magic! It really felt like a real person was massaging my feet at one point! I would love to have that chair in my house! Thank you Yelp for creating such an interesting and relaxing perk for us!