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By admin | Posted OnJuly 1, 2020

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We are a legally authorized distributor of Ceragem.
Ceragem is a set of second-grade 510K medical equipment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for stress relief and blood circulation promotion. We sell Ceragem Master V3 equipment, which is the latest new product developed, and we also operate two service centers in Buena Park and Irvine, California.
Based on Oriental medical beliefs, it believes that only when the whole body is balanced will our body get the best treatment and conditioning, so Ceragem uses acupuncture, spinal massage, massage and far infrared (FIR) to improve the body.
Ceragem Master V3 is equipped with artificial intelligence. It can scan people’s spine to develop a special treatment plan. It has six different intensity levels, 10 different sets of total spine treatment conditioning schemes and manual operation schemes specifically for designated locations. This is like having several specialized chiropractors, acupuncturists and masseurs entertain you at the same time.
The history of acupuncture therapy originated from the theory that each of us has 365 points in the body, and these points are closely related to certain parts of our bodies and organs, and all these points can be pressed. The most concentrated part of the human body is the spine, where 96 joints are concentrated. Acupuncture doctors can feel your body to find specific acupuncture points, and then use a thin needle to stimulate these specific parts. Ceragem can use a computer chip to read your spine. Based on the specific length and tortuosity of your spine, Ceragem can accurately calculate your acupuncture points. Everyone gets a tailor-made treatment plan because no one is alike.

What happened to far infrared rays?

Far Infrared (FIR) has another nickname, that is, “Light of Life”. The reason for this is that it is generated during the heating process of the ore and the surface! Ceragem perfectly controls this power and can use it to fight inflammation. It is even suitable for the most delicate and soft body parts that need conditioning treatment. Far infrared (FIR) is also widely used in replacement therapy.
Any stone can be heated by sunlight, but only certain stones are specifically used for pain relief and therapeutic care. In this case, Ceragem uses jade to generate far infrared (FIR). And far infrared (FIR) can reach five inches deep inside our body. There it will vibrate our cells, and then it will stimulate the activation of thousands of mitochondria in the body, the “energy house” among the cells in our body, and will work hard to raise the core body temperature of your body. A study shows that whenever our core body temperature rises by 1 degree Celsius (about 2 degrees Fahrenheit), our in vitro immune system will be correspondingly increased by up to five times. Far infrared (FIR) can dilate blood vessels and can speed up your blood circulation by 1.5 times, which in turn can help relieve pain.
Long-term continuous use of Ceragem will improve your overall health, and many chronic diseases may disappear due to improved blood circulation and correct posture.
Those suffering from neck pain, low back pain or sciatic nerve pain clearly stated that they have noticed significant differences before and after treatment.